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    Optical brightening agents (OBAs), also known as fluorescent brightening agents (FBAs), or fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs) are chemical compounds that give a whitening effect to the fabric. They do this by absorbing light in the ultraviolet and violet region and re-emit the light in the blue region. Fluorescent activity is a short-term or rapid emission response, unlike phosphorescence, which is a delayed emission. This blue light reduces the yellow color of the substrate and gives a bright look.

    At Meghmani, you will find the ideal and quality Optical Whitening Agents. Being one of the leading optical brightening agent manufacturers and suppliers, we ensure delivering only the best products.

    Optical Brighteners for Detergents

    Optical brighteners are synthetic chemical compounds that markups the yellowness and provide brightness to fabrics. This is the reason that Optical brighteners are used as laundry detergents.

    As time passes, Clothes lose their natural whiteness over time. That’s where our product the Megawhite Optical Brightner comes in not just to protect that whiteness but also the brightness & color of clothes as well.

    We are the leading manufacturer of all types of brighteners for detergents. We have the world’s best quality bleaching-resistant optical brightener, Meghmani is also a verified manufacturer of heat-resistant Optical Brightener.

    Optical Brightener for Textile

    We are acclaimed manufacturers of Optical Brighteners for textiles. Another significant usage of the OBAs is in the textile industry where every cloth needs to be bleached before being processed as the raw material is full of impurities as well as in grey color.

    However, bleaching doesn’t offer complete whitening, which leads to the necessary usage of Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs).

    Our experts with rich domain experience manufacture high-quality Optical Brighteners for Textiles according to industry standards. Meghmani is an acclaimed manufacturer and supplier of Optical brighteners.

    Optical Brightener for Paper

    Meghmani is one of the leading manufacturers and producers of Optical Brighteners for Paper. Our products are custom-made to suit every industry standard for paper manufacturing.

    Optical Brighteners are used in paper mills to remove the natural yellowness of pulp and brighten the paper. The optical brighteners can be applied in either the wet-end or dry end or both wet-end and size press applications. These factors include the base sheet brightness and whiteness of the pulp, UV competitors, OBA retention, quenching effects, and OBA migration at the size press. Many paper manufacturers use them in the dry end at the size press or by the surface coating application.

    We have the world’s best-grade optical brighteners available with us. Our experts ensure the quality and safe packaging of the products before delivering.